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We are dedicated to quality service

Casella Organics proudly serves customers in many sectors.  From wastewater treatment, to the power industry, to food processors we've got solutions.  Our customized programs can include transportation, processing, event work, material recovery, and product marketing.  We're committed to high quality service so that you can focus on your core, and leave the residuals to us.

Biosolids direct to the land
Tractor loaded with biosolids
The Lewiston-Auburn Pollution Control Authority is well known for their commitment to 100% recycling of biosolids generated at the plant. They operate their own compost facility and work with us to complete direct land application of class B biosolids in season.
Quarter Century Composters
Hawk Ridge Compost Facility
Augusta, Camden, and the Kennebec Sanitary Treatment District (KSTD) were the first customers at the Hawk Ridge Compost Facility when we commenced operations in 1990.