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Pulp and Paper Industry

Paper mill
Pulp and Paper Industry
Working together with Pulp and Paper Industry to provide better solutions

We are committed to our partnership with producers of pulp and paper, and finding ways to reduce mill operating costs while at the same time pursuing sustainability goals. Our group has experience managing a wide variety of production by-products including boiler ash, short paper fiber, flume grit, lime wastes, and other residuals. We understand the importance of prompt and responsible transportation services for hauling residuals off-site provided by a professional and aggressive team that has proven success with beneficially re-using residuals in both traditional and new and creative ways. Our years in the business amount to extensive experience on the regulatory and permitting side, where you can count on us to deliver reliable and thorough reporting and compliance services. Finally, our access to affordable backup disposal outlets makes us a leader in integrated services for the industry.

Numerous pulp and paper mills in New England and New York currently call Casella Organics their service provider. We manage the largest short paper fiber recycling program in New England and distribute tons of mill boiler ash and flume grit products to commercial contractors and landscape outlets throughout New England every year. Our agricultural soils professionals distribute thousands of tons of lime residuals to farmers annually. Give us a call today to get started on your own, custom, service program.

BioMix Manufactured Topsoil
Field reclaimed with biomix soil
BioMix is a manufactured topsoil designed and engineered using recycled residuals. By creating a topsoil from residuals, we can avoid the use of virgin materials and at the same time find beneficial uses for materials that might otherwise be wasted. In addition to being environmentally preferable, BioMix topsoils are typically lower cost with similar, if not better, performance characteristics.