Lake Ariel, PA Hauling


  • Lake Ariel, PA Hauling

Welcome Casella Mid-Atlantic Customers!

We're pleased to be your new service provider as of July 1, 2023.

To pay your bill, establish autopay and/or enroll in eBilling click here, or click the "Pay Online" button below.

Accepted items:

Please familiarize yourself with all acceptable and unacceptable materials listed below prior to filling up your bins.

Bulky Items
(such as furniture, appliances, mattresses, carpet, and tires)
Construction & Demolition Debris
(such as drywall, metal, shingles, clean wood, and concrete)
(such as cardboard, paper, plastics, metal cans, and glass)
(such as household waste)

Unaccepted items:

Please familiarize yourself with all acceptable and unacceptable materials listed below prior to filling up your bins.

Electronic Waste
(such as TVs, monitors, computers, printers, stereos)
Food Scraps
(such as fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, oils, coffee, and prepared foods)
Hazardous Waste
(such as chemicals, paint, and cleaning fluids)
Scrap Metal
(such as ferrous and nonferrous scrap, lead, and acid batteries)
Universal Waste
(such as batteries, ballasts, and light bulbs)
Yard Waste
(such as brush, leaves, and lawn clippings)
17 Industrial Park Road
Lake Ariel, PA 18436
  (800) 676-6152
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Casella Waste Systems Inc

PO Box 5546

Binghamton, NY  13902-5546

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Upcoming Holiday:
Memorial Day ( )
  • There will be a One Day Delay
  • Customer Service will be Closed on Memorial Day.
Independence Day ( )
  • There will be a One Day Delay
  • Customer Service will be Closed on Independence Day.
Holiday Schedule
Lake Ariel, PA Hauling

2024 Holiday Schedule

Holiday Date Customer Service is... Service Schedule
Martin Luther King Day Open No Service Delay
Presidents Day Open No Service Delay
Memorial Day Closed a One Day Delay
Independence Day Closed a One Day Delay
Labor Day Closed a One Day Delay
Veterans Day Open No Service Delay
Thanksgiving Closed a One Day Delay
Christmas Closed a One Day Delay
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  • Phone: (800) 832-1332
  • Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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New Payment System FAQs

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we want to ensure you have all the necessary information during this period of enhancement. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below. Should you have any additional questions or require assistance regarding this billing transition, please reach out to our dedicated customer service team at (800) 676-6152 or via email at

  • What is changing?

    Casella is undergoing a transition from its legacy “GFL My Account” billing provider to the improved Paymentus billing and payment solution. This transition will feature an enhanced Customer Portal and several new convenient ways to pay your bill.

  • What payment methods and payment options are available?

    Customers will have a range of convenient payment methods and options at their disposal. These include ACH/eCheck, debit card, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), cash payments (Walmart Pay)and digital wallet solutions such as (Venmo, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay).

  • When will the new system be implemented?

    The new and improved customer portal is set to go live on December 4, 2023.

  • Will there be an interruption of online bill payment services during the update?

    Yes, there will be a temporary disruption. On December 1, 2023 the GFL My Account Customer Portal will be inaccessible as we complete the implementation of our new Customer Portal, Paymentus.

  • If I am a pre-existing user of the former online payment system, will I need to re-register?

    Yes, all users, including pre-existing ones of the former online payment system, will need to re-register within the new Customer Portal. However, your account number will remain the same. Please use “Forgot your password?” and enter your email to receive a password reset.

  • Can I use the updated payment options to pay a deposit?

    Yes, you can utilize the updated payment options to make deposit payments.

  • Can I set up AutoPay from the one-time pay portal?

    ? Yes, you can conveniently set up AutoPay directly from the one-time pay portal.

  • Where do I find my new bill?

    You can view your new bill by clicking here.

  • Will I still receive a paper copy of my bill?

    If you currently receive a paper copy of your bill, this service will continue as usual..If you are not currently receiving a paper bill but wish to do so, please note that there will be a $2.95 convenience fee to receive paper bills moving forward.

  • What payment types are subject to a convenience fee?

    All payments made through the Customer Portal will incur a $2.95 convenience fee, with the exception for AutoPay.

  • Are there payment options available that do not incur a fee?

    AutoPay is currently the only fee-free payment option available.

  • How does Casella ensure payments, payment information and personal information is secure?

    Rest assured, all payment data and customer information are safeguarded by our trusted third-party billing and payment vendor, Paymentus. For more information on their security measures, please visit Paymentus.

Towns/Cities this location services

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  • Alden, PA
  • Aldenville, PA
  • Angels, PA
  • Arlington, PA
  • Askam, PA
  • Atco, PA
  • Austin Heights, PA
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  • Avoy, PA
  • Back Mountain, PA
  • Bardwell, PA
  • Beach Lake, PA
  • Beaumont, PA
  • Beech Grove, PA
  • Belian Village, PA
  • Belmont Corner, PA
  • Berlin Center, PA
  • Bidwell Hill, PA
  • Birchwood Estates, PA
  • Blooming Grove, PA
  • Bloomington, PA
  • Bohemia, PA
  • Boulevard Manor, PA
  • Bowman Creek, PA
  • Boyds Mills, PA
  • Breslau, PA
  • Brookhurst Estates, PA
  • Brookside, PA
  • Browns, PA
  • Bush Patch, PA
  • Bushkill, PA
  • Buttonwood, PA
  • Calkins, PA
  • Callapoose, PA
  • Carley Brook, PA
  • Carpenter Hollow, PA
  • Carpenter Town, PA
  • Carverton, PA
  • Center Moreland, PA
  • Chapman Lake, PA
  • Cherry Ridge, PA
  • Childs, PA
  • Clemo, PA
  • Clifton, PA
  • Coggins Corner, PA
  • Conashaugh, PA
  • Conklin Hill, PA
  • Cork Lane, PA
  • Cortez, PA
  • Craig, PA
  • Creamton, PA
  • Crestwood, PA
  • Daleville, PA
  • Damascus, PA
  • Delaware, PA
  • Demunds Corners, PA
  • Dickville, PA
  • Dingmans Ferry, PA
  • Dixon, PA
  • Drinker, PA
  • Druid Hills, PA
  • Dundee, PA
  • Dyberry, PA
  • East Benton, PA
  • East Berlin, PA
  • East Honesdale, PA
  • East Jermyn, PA
  • East Sterling, PA
  • Eatonville, PA
  • Edella, PA
  • Edgemere, PA
  • Elmbrook Terrace, PA
  • Elmdale, PA
  • Elmhurst, PA
  • Equinunk, PA
  • Evans Falls, PA
  • Ewen, PA
  • Eynon, PA
  • Fades, PA
  • Falls, PA
  • Fallsdale, PA
  • Fells Corners, PA
  • Fern Brook, PA
  • Fleetville, PA
  • Forest City Station, PA
  • Forkston, PA
  • Fortenia, PA
  • Fox Hill, PA
  • Franklin Junction, PA
  • Frenchtown, PA
  • Freytown, PA
  • Friendly Acres, PA
  • Galilee, PA
  • Germantown, PA
  • Girdland, PA
  • Glen Eyre, PA
  • Grassy Island, PA
  • Gravity, PA
  • Greeley, PA
  • Green Grove, PA
  • Green Ridge, PA
  • Greentown, PA
  • Greenwood, PA
  • Haags Mill, PA
  • Hamlin, PA
  • Hanover, PA
  • Hanover Green, PA
  • Happy Valley, PA
  • Harding, PA
  • Harmony Hills, PA
  • Hays Corner, PA
  • Hemlock Grove, PA
  • Hillside Junction, PA
  • Hoadleys, PA
  • Hollisters, PA
  • Hollisterville, PA
  • Humphreysville, PA
  • Hunlock, PA
  • Hunlock Creek, PA
  • Hunlock Gardens, PA
  • Huntington Mills, PA
  • Huntsville, PA
  • Hyde Park, PA
  • Idetown, PA
  • Indian Orchard, PA
  • Indian Point, PA
  • Jubilee, PA
  • Justus, PA
  • Keen, PA
  • Keyser Valley, PA
  • Keystone, PA
  • Kimble, PA
  • Korn Krest, PA
  • Kunkle, PA
  • La Anna, PA
  • La Plume, PA
  • Lackawaxen, PA
  • Lake, PA
  • Lake Ariel, PA
  • Lake Carey, PA
  • Lake Como, PA
  • Lake in the Clouds, PA
  • Lake Wallenpaupack Estate, PA
  • Laketon, PA
  • Lakeville, PA
  • Langdon, PA
  • Lawrenceville, PA
  • Ledgedale, PA
  • Lee Park, PA
  • Lehigh, PA
  • Lehman, PA
  • Little Chapel, PA
  • Llewellyn Corners, PA
  • Lockville, PA
  • Loomis Park, PA
  • Lords Valley, PA
  • Lower Askam, PA
  • Loyalville, PA
  • Lynnwood, PA
  • Madisonville, PA
  • Maple Lake, PA
  • Maplewood, PA
  • Maplewood Heights, PA
  • Marshbrook, PA
  • Marshwood, PA
  • Masthope Rapids, PA
  • McCartys Corner, PA
  • Meeker, PA
  • Mehoopany, PA
  • Melchris Wood, PA
  • Midvale, PA
  • Mill City, PA
  • Milwaukee, PA
  • Miners Mills, PA
  • Miners Mills, PA
  • Minooka, PA
  • Montdale, PA
  • Morgan Manor, PA
  • Mount Airy Terrace, PA
  • Nay Aug, PA
  • Nebraska, PA
  • Newfoundland, PA
  • Newport Center, PA
  • Newton. PA
  • Newton Center, PA
  • Oak Hill, PA
  • Old Boston, PA
  • Oliver Mills, PA
  • Olwen Heights, PA
  • Orange, PA
  • Outlet, PA
  • Panther, PA
  • Parkers Glen, PA
  • Parsons, PA
  • Paupack, PA
  • Pecks Pond, PA
  • Peckville, PA
  • Pine Flats, PA
  • Pink, PA
  • Pittston Junction, PA
  • Pleasant Mount, PA
  • Plymouth Junction, PA
  • Pocono Mountain Lake Estates, PA
  • Pocono Mountain Woodland Lakes, PA
  • Pond Eddy, PA
  • Port Blanchard, PA
  • Port Bowkley, PA
  • Port Griffith, PA
  • Port Jenkins, PA
  • Powell, PA
  • Preston, PA
  • Preston Corner, PA
  • Preston Park, PA
  • Promised Land, PA
  • Providence, PA
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  • Rosengrant, PA
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  • Rutledgedale, PA
  • Saco, PA
  • Sagamore Estates, PA
  • Schultzville, PA
  • Scott, PA
  • Scottsville, PA
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  • Sebastopol, PA
  • Seelyville, PA
  • Shades Glen, PA
  • Shaffers Corners, PA
  • Shawanese, PA
  • Shohola, PA
  • Shohola Falls, PA
  • Sickler Hill, PA
  • Silver Spring, PA
  • Skinners Eddy, PA
  • Sky View Lake, PA
  • South Canaan, PA
  • South Eaton, PA
  • South Sterling, PA
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  • Spencers Corners, PA
  • Spike Island, PA
  • Spring Brook, PA
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  • Stoddartsville, PA
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