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  • Super-Peat


Super-Peat is a custom blend of Sphagnum Peat and earthlife™ Premium Compost. It offers the soil enhancing and moisture holding benefits of peat with the microbial life and slow release nutrients of compost. Super-Peat meets USGA specifications; ideal for gardens, planting beds and perennial growing.


  • Landscape Mulch

    Apply an even layer approximately 2” deep.

  • Planting Beds/Gardens

    Add 10%-30% Super-Peat to garden and shrub beds. Till Super-Peat into top 6” of soil.

  • Soil Amendment

    For sand-based root zone mixes, blend 10-20% with coarse sand by volume.

  • Topsoil Production

    Mix 10-30% Super-Peat uniformly by volume.

  • Turf Top Dressing

    Apply approximately 1/3”. Brush/drag Super—Peat into turf. Aerate turf prior to application if possible.

Best Practices:

Proper soil and subsoil drainage should be assured prior to determining compost, fertilizer and lime application rates. Compost application rates and soil amendment requirements are influenced by plant selection, soil/media quality, site characteristics, compost attributes and other factors. Have your soil and soil/compost blend tested by a reputable laboratory and review your test results with a trained agricultural/soil professional.