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  • Fertilimer - Chateaugay, New York

Fertilimer - Chateaugay, New York

Fertilimer™ is a lime enhanced soil conditioner produced at our Grasslands Facility in Chateaugay, NY. Fertilimer production starts with Bioset Advanced Technology which manages the exothermic reaction when quicklime is blended with dewatered biosolids. This reaction generates significant amounts of heat which serves to effectively pasteurize Fertilimer, creating a Class A product suited to enhance soil by offering high nutrient value and lime equivalence.



  • Soil Amendment

    An application rate of 3.0 tons/acre is equivalent to the liming value of one ton of commercial lime, offers 56.4 lbs of total nitrogen, 110.4 lbs of available phosphoric acid, and 3.9 lbs of soluble potash. Fertilimer can be spread with conventional manure spreading equipment. Technical assistance is provided by our Agricultural Product Specialists regarding soil testing, spreading equipment, product delivery, application rates, and Best Management Practices.

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