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  • Lime Grit

Lime Grit

Lime Grit is a coarse lime by-product of the precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) production process.  PCC is used as a whitener at paper mills.  The coarse nature of Lime Grit provides a gradual release of lime value over time, and is ideal for maintaining optimum pHs in well-managed fields and sweetening the soil of forgotten fields.

  • pH:  12.4 (average)
  • Calcium:  431 lbs/ton
  • Magnesium:  16 lbs/ton
  • Lime equivalence:  2.2 tons of Lime Grit is equivalent to 2 tons of commercial lime

Lime Grit is spread through typical lime or fertilizer spreading equipment at rates of around 2 tons/acre.  Actual application rates should be determined based on crop need and soil test results.  Available in Central Maine.  


  • Agriculture

    An application of 2.2 tons/acre of Lime Grit is approximately equivalent to the liming value of two tons of commercial lime.