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  • Superhumus


Unique in the landscape industry, Superhumus is processed from a blend of forest soil, fine bark, organic matter, sand and fine stone. These natural ingredients are washed off of logs in a wood yard water flume in Jay, Maine. Superhumus is screened (<7/8”) and has been used extensively since 1990 as a potting mix, park and trail mulch, slope stabilizer and as an amendment for heavy soils.


  • Container Growing

    Use aged Superhumus for container growing of many ornamentals and as an ingredient custom blended potting mixes.

  • Park & Trail Mulch

    Apply 2-4” of Superhumus to achieve a natural appearance and smooth walking surface.

  • Slope Stabilization

    Apply 3-6” of Superhumus to soil surfaces to effectively stabilize slopes.

  • Soil Amendment

    Mix 10-30% uniformly by volume. Add additional fertilizer as may be needed.

Best Practices:

Proper soil and subsoil drainage should be assured prior to determining compost, fertilizer and lime application rates. Product application rates and soil amendment requirements are influenced by plant selection, soil/media quality, site characteristics, soil amendment attributes and other factors. Have your soil and soil/Superhumus blend tested by a reputable laboratory.

Approved for use in: CT, MA, ME, NH, VT