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Food Waste Collection

Commercial Collection

We provide food waste collection service to hundreds of businesses and institutions throughout the Northeast. Call 800-CASELLA to learn if this service is available in your area.

Residential Collection

Many municipalities are working to introduce residential food waste collection. We provide collection and processing services in support of these innovative pilots, including both curbside pickup and drop-off solutions.

Customized Signage, Bins, Education

Food waste diversion is new to many people, and successful programs must provide thoughtful education to drive awareness and behavior change. We work with our customers to develop customized signage, bin configurations, and training programs for food waste.

On-Site Solutions

If your organization generates large quantities of food waste, you may be interested in on-site processing solutions to improve the recyclability of your materials without distracting from your daily business. Let us help you explore the options.

For food waste disposal tips and best practices, check out our downloadable poster resources.


Food Waste Poster (Meat) - Single

Food Waste Poster (No Meat) - Single